Awon & Phoniks – The Actual Proof 2018 (Review)

Awon & Phoniks – The Actual Proof 2018 (Review)

I stumbled upon the 2014 album Dephacation by Awon & Dephlow a few years ago and thought it was a pretty decent album. So I thought I would give the 2018 album The Actual Proof by Awon & Phoniks a shot.

There has been quite a few big (mainstream wise) rap albums this year by big name artists like Migos, 6ix9ine, Snoop Dogg, Lil Yachty, Logic, XXXTentacion, Czarface and MF Doom, Cardi B, J. Cole, Post Malone, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, Kanye West, Kids See Ghosts, Nas, Drake and a lot more, but album of the year (so far) goes to Awon & Phoniks for me.

Awon & Phoniks keeps hip hop alive with this masterpiece. This is the perfect album to work to and chill out to. Phoniks provides excellent smooth production and samples from 90s rap songs, while Awon’s clever lyrics will have you in 90s hip hop heaven.

It’s very easy to listen to on the first listen and before you know it, you’ve heard it on repeat all day. Even though the album came out months ago, I still hear it weekly. I will compare it to a modern day InI – Center Of Attention (which is in my top 3 albums of all time), it’s that good.


1. Actual Proof
2. Brutal & Beautiful (ft. Skyzoo)
3. True To The Facts (ft. Anti-Lilly cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
4. Love Is A Hurting Thing
5. Blue Rose 2 (ft. Tiff The Gift)
6. Mad Lethal (ft. Ill Conscious & Hex One)
7. The Rain (ft. Tiff The Gift)
8. Time Continuom (cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
9. Crime Stories
10. How I Feel (cuts by DJ Fellbaum)
11. Reality
12. Your Reactions
13. For Your Love

There are no weak tracks on this album. It’s one of those albums that you can hear from beginning to end without skipping tracks and the features fits the tracks perfectly.

Sadly 90s rap isn’t alive in mainstream music anymore, but I want to thank Awon & Phoniks for keeping it alive outside of the mainstream scene. Hopefully it will return someday.

I give this album a



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