Blu & Exile – In The Beginning: Before The Heavens 2017 (Review)

Blu & Exile – In The Beginning: Before The Heavens 2017 (Review)

In The Beginning: Before The Heavens is released 10 years after the duo, Blu & Exile, released the classic underground album, Below The Heavens. They are back together again with a release of 14 tracks from their original 2007 sessions.

It contains previously heard songs and unreleased gems. I was very excited for this album, since Below The Heavens is in my top 3 underground hip hop albums – you should definitely give it a listen if you haven’t already.

The tracks on In The Beginning: Before The Heavens are raw and haven’t been touched, so it more or less turn Below The Heavens into a double CD album.

The World Is … (Below The Heavens) from their first album

Alright, let’s get into the review.


1. Soul Provider
2. Another Day
3. Constellations (ft. Lyric Jones)
4. All These Ladies (ft. Dr. Oop)
5. Party Of Two
6. Back To Basics
7. On The Radio
8. You’re Gonna Die Someday
9. Life Is A Gamble (ft. Donel Smokes, Trek Life & Co$$)
10. Things We Say (ft. Aloe Blacc)
11. Hot For Yall (ft. Donell Smokes)
12. Hard Workers (ft. Blame One)
13. Sold The Soul
14. Stress Off The Chest

If you’re a fan of Blu, you might already have heard some of these tracks. If you’re a fan of the golden era of hip hop, then you will like the beats on this album.

Normally I would do a section of “Best tracks” and “weak tracks”, but to be honest with you, there aren’t any “weak tracks” on this album. Blu’s smooth flow and lyrics over Exile’s beats is a match made in heaven. Exile’s head-nodding samples and DJ scratches will take you back. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album from beginning to end. I will say that the features are unnecessary though.

I give this album a



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