Denzel Curry – ZUU Review

Denzel Curry – ZUU Review

As mentioned in my previous review of Denzel Curry’s album Taboo, I have high hopes for Denzel Curry – he has previously not quite lived up to my expectations. His freestyles and his feature on IDK’s “Once Upon A Time” (which made my My Top 20 Tracks Of 2018) shows his potential. I have questioned if it is a maturity problem, he is still only 24 years old.


1. Zuu
2. Ricky
3. Wish (ft. Kiddo Marv)
4. Birdz (ft. Rick Ross)
5. Automatic (ft. Tay Keith)
6. Speedboat
7. Bushy B Interlude
8. Yoo
9. Carolmart (ft. Ice Billion Berg)
10. Shake 88 (ft. Sam Sneak)
11. Blackland 66.6
12. P.A.T. (ft. PlayThatBoiZay)

The intro track “Zuu” is a great introduction to the album, it gives you a hype feeling. I am ready for this album.

His first single for the album was Ricky (listen above), which is named after his father. And that is exactly what I do not like about Denzel Curry unfortunately. Yikes.

BUT then you go to the very next track Wish (ft. Kiddo Marv) and you hear the Denzel Curry that I really hope we see more of. This is my favorite track on the album. Denzel Curry pays homage to XXXTentacion and his deceased brother Treon “Tree” Johnson on the song with the following lines:

Hang with the bros ’cause you know blood thicker
I miss my vros, so we pour more liquor
It’s R.I.P. X and R.I.P. Tree
I’ma do it for my dawg, this for all of my G’s

After that great track we go back to… some trash music… Birdz (ft. Rick Ross). And you can add the next track, Automatic (ft. Tay Keith), as well. The inconsistency of Denzel Curry is unfortunate. The next track “Speedboat” is also a single and it is okay, but nothing special.

Then we move on to Bushy B Interlude which is a nice little interlude, what makes this a little special is that this is actually Denzel Curry’s first ever interlude on one of his albums. The next track, Yoo, is a skit that I listened to once and never will again – skip it. We move on to the next track Carolmart (ft. Ice Billion Berg), the less said the better. We are back in the trash music terrority.

Song number 10, Shake 88 (ft. Sam Sneak), follows the pattern of most of the songs – it is so bad. Who listens to this? Blackland 66.6 is another skippable skit. Then we have the last track, P.A.T. (ft. PlayThatBoiZay), I am sure the soundcloud lovers will love this, but again, this just is not for me.

Best Tracks

Wish (ft. Kiddo Marv)
Bushy B Interlude

Worst Tracks

The rest…


This album is actually worse than Taboo for me – I hoped he would have grown a bit, but sadly no. I really wanted to like it, but it is another let down. I still have hope that it will click at one point and he will put out quality music. We have seen how much Tyler, The Creator has changed over the years. Lets see where Denzel Curry is five years from now. He should really consider using other producers – he sound much better on other rappers production.

I Give This Album A