I Have Made A Youtube Channel

I Have Made A Youtube Channel

Well, I already had a youtube channel, but I decided to revive it. It used to have hip hop songs and a few counter-strike clips on it and I will keep those uploaded, but that will not be the what I will upload from this day forward. The channel is called Silva and Mago and it will mainly be about Silva (my crested gecko) and Mago (my argentine black and white tegu – I will pick it up once it’s born around August).

The youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClM4vIyjCQEf-EXbuxrtNLg

I’m editing a video with highlights of Silva’s first 6 months with me. It will include quite a few include goofy clips, because that’s just how Silva is. After the highlight video, I’ll make a more indepth video about Silvas first 6 months, showcasing step-by-step with what Silva has been through so far – I imagine only hardcore crested gecko admires will watch that.

feel free to follow Silva’s instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silvathecrestedgecko/

Silva 6 months birthday

I have a feeling that Mago will be the star of the show. I have big plans with him. A tegu is one of the smartest reptiles around and I will showcase that.

Here is a picture of Mago’s parents and one of the eggs that Mago is waiting in:
Mago parents