New pet – a Crested Gecko!

New pet – a Crested Gecko!

Baby Crested Gecko

On January 6th 2018, I got myself a baby crested gecko (I saw it when it was 2-3 weeks old, and got it a couple of days after). I call it little Silva. The sex is unknown until it’s around 6 months old (or around 12 grams weight) and I think Silva works if it’s a boy or a girl (of course it’s named after the greatest footballer ever, David Silva). I’ll tell a little bit of Silva journey so far with me.

baby crested gecko

Yes, my camera skills are pretty bad. This is the first picture I took of Silva once I put it in it’s new home.


The very next day, a disaster happened when I woke up, or so I thought… I COULD’NT FIND LITTLE SILVA. I had everything out of the tank TWICE. So I started researching how to find a baby crested gecko. I felt like a failed parent. I found some tips online on how to find a crested gecko and tried the following:

1. Look near the tank, apparently they wouldn’t travel far away. I looked behind paintings, by a window, in drawers and plants. (And of course I had just done my laundry the day before which was still hanging to dry and of course it was my big “socks”-day, so I carefully went through EVERY sock.)

2. Putting out “traps”. Not traps that would hurt it, just a banana I sliced up and put near the tank in 4 spots and some water.

3. Waited for it to get dark and then I found a crickets sounds YouTube video to lure it out.


I pretty much sat in total darkness and just waited. After an hour of sitting and listening to the crickets sounds I went over to the tank and to my big surprise, I SAW SILVA! I was soooo happy, but very concerned as well. It must have been stressed out that day. The weird part is that it SOMEHOW had IGNORED 4 SCREWS (didn’t know they could teleport???)

Silva hiding


And I couldn’t just take it out – I was so scared it was hurt or I would hurt it, so I unscrewed the 4 screws and put the lid on again, and just wait for it to climb out by itself

Silva coming out

You can see Silva coming out at the top of the tank. Thankfully it wasn’t hurt or anything. I removed the thing it was hiding in afterwards.


I had Silva out the next day and it was very shy (it still is).

Baby crested gecko


I also ordered the big tank (Exo Terra 45x45x60 cm aka 18x18x24″), which is just standing empty in my bedroom. Silva isn’t big enough for it’s new tank (a baby crested gecko gets overwhelmed/stressed in big tanks and will have difficulty finding their food). I know I want to rock a jungle theme when Silva gets big enough. I have bought a few accessories for it already.

Exo Terra 18x18x24"


I feed my baby crestie some repashy. I’m still unsure if it eats it in the tank, so I sometimes take it out and hand-feed it. This is not recommended(!), they might end up being so used to it, that they will never touch the food unless you hand-feed it. So I’m slowly going away from that method and I’m on the lookout for poop in the tank. One thing that still worries me is that I have never seen it drink. But it looks healthy to me and I’ve been using the crested geckos group on facebook for all my worried questions – they have been a great help!



I also had to change the tank. The humidity wouldn’t drop during the day, even if I misted once per day. So I switched my aquarium with a plastic tub – drilled some holes etc. And it works a lot better.

Baby crested gecko plastic tub


That’s the story so far. If you want to follow Silva’s journey further, I’ll be posting pictures frequently on Instagram [@Silvathecrestedgecko] and I “might” be posting articles on how to care for crested gecko etc. as I learn more. I love doing research. Feel free to ask if you have any questions or article requests.

Silva will try it’s first crickets later this week. I will be posting that on Instagram 🙂

closeup baby crested gecko




PS. Don’t be surprised if Silva gets a sibling in 6 ~ 12 months. I don’t do impulsive buys. I’ve had snakes in the past, but it took me years to be absolutely sure that I wanted a lizard – and especially a crested gecko. I did research on allllll recommended pet lizards before I was sure that the crested gecko was for me. Anyway, the new sibling wouldn’t be a crested gecko. It would be an Argentine black and white Tegu.



It’s a huge responsibility though and they get quite big – a male will get upto 150cm. So, if I have the same feeling now in 6 ~ 12 months, then Silva might get a sibling :-). It also depends on how Silva does and I don’t want to priorities one lizard over the other. So, we’ll see!