Rating Manchester City’s 2017 summer transfer window

Rating Manchester City’s 2017 summer transfer window

City’s biggest weaknesses last season were: 50 year old full-backs and a goalkeeper that couldn’t catch a ball – he was actually the WORST in the league.

We bought in Walker, Mendy, Danilo and Ederson to fix those problems. Couldn’t ask for better players for those positions really (although I’m not Danilo’s biggest fan – yet).

On top of that we also bought Bernardo Silva, who was told by Pep that he would play in the middle and on the wing (see his first interview for City).

So, why only 7 out of 10? Well, A LOT of first team players has left us this summer. The following 10 first team players to be exact: Kelechi, Nolito, Fernando, Kolarov, Willy, Clichy, Zabaleta, Navas, Aleix Garcia and Sagna.

Squad depth is my biggest issue here. We have 4 players (Aguero, Gabriel, Sane & Sterling) for 3 spots (LW, ST & RW), which may force Bernardo to be a full-time winger during his first season for us – more or less the same position he played for Monaco tbf. We didn’t get a proper CB, we’re pretty much a Kompany-injury away from disaster. On top of that, we didn’t even look for a DM in the transfer window. Yaya, Fernandinho and Gundogan doesn’t strike me with confidence. As I see it, only Yaya can fill the role of a “Pep DM”, but lacks the defensive aspect – it’s so easy to counter-attack us. Fernandinho has peaked for me, rotation player at best these days + he’s not a controller at all, and Gundogan… I don’t think he has what it takes to be a DM in such an attacking setting up as Pep uses, with 10’s used as free 8’s etc. I see him more as a free 8.

And for Txiki & co., my biggest issue has been the “delay” or “slow progress” of signing players, Bernardo aside. We’re talking about someone who gets a list in December/January to work on deals for the summer, lay down the groundwork etc. Yet we went onto tour with no FBs (they joined shortly after though), and Alexis Sanchez? That cost us big time in the end. Other than that, some decent sales, Kelechi, Unal, Bony (!), Nasri (kinda, at least it wasn’t another loan).

I’ll end it with: I think we look stronger than last season and I have high expectations for this upcoming season. It’s do or die time.