Shaquille O’Neal – You Can’t Stop The Reign 1996 (Hidden Gem Review)

Shaquille O’Neal – You Can’t Stop The Reign 1996 (Hidden Gem Review)

Yes, THAT Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq’s rap career is easy to sweep under the carpet because of his impressive career in the NBA, but im here to tell you: do not miss out on this hidden gem!

Shaq made tracks with artists like Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan and even the king of pop, Michael Jackson, on his song “2 Bad”. Shaq’s debut album, Shaq Diesel, went platinum, which is highly impressive for the multi-talented artist.

“You Can’t Stop The Reign” is the third album by Shaq. It was released in 1996 for Interscope Records and has production from the likes of DJ Quik, Poke and Tone, Mobb Deep, Chris Large and Easy Mo Bee.


01. Shaquille (Interlude)
02. Still Can’t Stop The Reign (ft. The Notorious B.I.G.)
03. D.I.V.A. Radio (Interlude)
04. It Was All A Dream
05. No Love Lost (ft. Jay-Z & Lord Tariq)
06. Strait Playin’ (ft. Peter Gunz & DJ Quik)
07. Best To Worst (ft. Peter Gunz)
08. Legal Money (ft. Mobb Deep)
09. Edge Of Night (ft. Bobby Brown)
10. S.H.E. (Interlude ft. S.H.E.)
11. Let’s Wait A While (ft. S.H.E.)
12. Can I Play (ft. Peter Gunz)
13. Just Be Good To Me (ft. Alicia Renee)
14. More To Life (ft. Smooth B, Bobby Brown & Ralph Tresvant)
15. Big Dog Stomp
16. Game Of Death (ft. Rakim)
17. Outtro (Interlude ft. Lord Tariq)
18. Player (ft. Antonina & S.H.E.)
19. Don’t Wanna Be Alone (ft. One Accord)

I am still unsure if Shaq got help with his lyrics or not, I am not sure there is any confirmation out there, but either way, this is a great album with great features and great production. A little fun fact: Biggie’s verse from “Still Can’t Stop The Reign” was reused in Michael Jackson’s song “Unbreakable”, from his last studio album Invincible.

Samples used

I’m a big fan of the samples that is used throughout the album, so I’ll list them below:
Track 02 samples “You Can’t Stop The Rain” by Loose Ends
Track 04 samples “Don’t Do Me This Way” by Alicia Myers
Track 08 samples “Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)” by Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye
Track 09 samples “In the Air Tonight” by Phil Collins
Track 11 samples “Let’s Wait Awhile” by Janet Jackson
Track 13 samples “Just Be Good to Me” by The S.O.S. Band
Track 16 samples “Children of the Sun” by Mandrill

Sadly, for some reason, Shaq Crack And Pun (The Bigger We Are ft. Fat Joe, Big Pun & Easy Mo Bee) did not make the cut. But thankfully it still got leaked/released and it is easily one of the best tracks from the album. You can listen to the song in the video below:

Best tracks

Still Can’t Stop The Reign, It Was All A Dream, No Love Lost, Legal Money, Game Of Death, (Shaq Crack And Pun)

Although “You Can’t Stop The Reign” is my favorite album with Shaq, it does not mean that the other albums are trash by any means. I recommend you check his other albums out as well. One of my favorite tracks from the other albums is No Hook (ft. RZA & Method Man)

I give this album a


What do you think of the album? Let me know in the comments below and if there is an album you would like me to review, also feel free to type it in the comments below.