The 10 Best Hip Hop / Rap Workout Songs

The 10 Best Hip Hop / Rap Workout Songs

These are the songs I use when I workout and want to push myself to edge. I will divide them into 2 categories: lyrics and beat. Lyrics have those dark hard hitting lyrics, while beat has that beat that get you hyped up – some of the tracks could go in both categories.
These songs are listed in random order.


Tech N9ne – Midwest Choppers 2 (ft. Krayzie Bone & K-Dean)
A dark beat in high tempo with fast raps. It does not get much better than that! All 3 rappers killed this song. Beware: do not play this in the car if you are prone to go over the speed limit.

Army Of The Pharaohs – Seven
AMAZING beat and decent lyrics. A long song for those long sessions. If you are into great production to find that extra gear, this is the song.

Geto Boys – G-Code
The anthem for my neighbourhood actually. We just call it E-Code. A typical ghetto song with a great beat.

Tyler, The Creator – Yonkers
The first Tyler song I ever heard. Such a simple but powerful dark beat and dark lyrics. You can not go wrong with this classic.

A$AP Ferg – Lord (ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony)
One of the few great songs with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony after year 2000. Great production – but cut out the last part where Bizzy says a prayer, it does not go well with the workout theme.


Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II
This is one of those songs that connects you to the lyrics and makes you feel invincible. You are alone in the wrong neighbourhood at night, this is the song you choose to have on. You want to push yourself in the last few minutes of the workout, this is the song you put on.

Big Pun – Beware
Copy and paste what I said about Mobb Deep – Shook Ones Pt. II, this is exactly the same kind of song. I see this song as a sequel to Shook Ones for some reason, even though they are not related at all. A must-hear song that not a lot of people know about.

GZA – 4th Chamber (ft. Ghostface Killah, Killah Priest & RZA)
My favorite track from my favorite album of all time. This could very well be under “beat” instead, because that beat is out of this world. Turn the volume up and enjoy greatness.

XXXTentacion – Riot
“What’s the justice in sayin’ f### it and grab the pump?
Then kill a woman with many children makes you a CHUMP!”

XXXTentacion brings that aggressive rap to this track and I love it. The only bad part is that it is so short.

Immortal Technique – Dance With The Devil
A pretty mellow and beautiful melody which samples the theme from “Love Story”, but the lyrics is the complete opposite. My favorite story telling song of all time. It is so dark and well-written and well-delivered. It is just flawless. Immortal Technique brings that aggressive clear voice throughout the song. 10/10.

If you have a song that you think should make the list, let me know in the comments below