Top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums From 2000-2009 (PART 2: 11-20)

Top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums From 2000-2009 (PART 2: 11-20)

Be sure to check out PART 1 of my top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums from 2000-2009, that has the albums from 21 to 30. They are all worth listening to.

I tend to go against the mainstream, so hopefully I can inspire you to listen to some new albums and songs, you have not come across before.

Lets continue with the list.

I have picked my standout tracks from each album and my favorite track in bold.

20. Raekwon – Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II

I am a sucker for tribute songs, so it is no surprise that “Ason Jones” is my standout track on this album. It is a tribute to Ol’ Dirty Bastard – a very beautiful song. “10 Bricks” and “About Me” are both bangers as well. Production provided by J Dilla, Marley Marl and Pete Rock among others on the album. Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. II

02. House Of Flying Daggers (ft. Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, Method Man & GZA)
04. Pyrex Vision
07. Gihad (ft. Ghostface Killah)
14. Ason Jones
16. 10 Bricks (ft. Cappadonna & Ghostface Killah)
20. About Me (ft. Busta Rhymes)

19. Tech N9ne – Sickology 101

Tech N9ne at his best. It is a “Collabos” album, so therefore not a solo album, but it has got great features and great production. It possibly has the hardest track ever made that pumps you up like no other track can. I do not recommend playing it in the car, because the driver will automatically go as fast as possible – I do recommend it for working out though. The song I am talking about is of course “Midwest Choppers 2”. Tech N9ne - Sickology 101

01. Sickology 101 (ft. Chino XL & Crooked I)
02. Midwest Choppers 2 (ft. Krayzie Bone & K-Dean)
13. Dysfunctional (ft. Big Scoob & Krizz Kaliko)
17. Red Nose

18. Nujabes – Hydeout Productions 1st Collection

Nujabes again. I can not speak highly enough of him, just a brilliant music mind. I am a big fan of his Luv (Sic) series with Shing02. At first I was not that keen on Shing02, but he grew on me – notice that part 2 is also on the album and it is just as good. The jazzy melodies sends you straight to heaven. Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 1st Collection

01. Nujabes-Moon Strut (intro)
02. Don’t Even Try It (ft. Funky DL)
03. Strive (ft. Apani B)
04. Home Sweet Home (ft. Substantial)
05. Still Talking To You
06. Luv (Sic ft. Shing02)
10. It’s About Time (fat jon remix ft. Pase Rock)
13. People’s Don’t Stray (ft. Funky DL)
14. Luv (Sic pt. 2 ft. Shing02)

17. Mos Def – The Ecstatic

Mos Def does what he always does – he deliver. One small problem I have is that the tracks are too short! But thankfully, the best track on the album, “Auditorium”, is 4 minutes and 34 seconds long and therefore the longest track on the album. I have not met a single person who does not like that track, it is just flawless – the legend, Slick Rick, delivers the most memorable verse on that album. The overall production is great, there is contribution from Madlib, J Dilla and The Neptunes. Mos Def - The Ecstatic

03. Auditorium (ft. Slick Rick)
05. Priority
09. No Hay Nada Mas
10. Pistola
12. Workers Comp.
15. History (ft. Talib Kweli)

16. Tyler, The Creator – Bastard

Tyler, The Creator’s debut mixtape. He was only between 16 and 18 when he recorded the songs for this album and you could already tell that this guy was special. Tyler went for the “shock” factor with this album but there is also some more mellow songs. “AssMilk” is my standout track. It has Earl Sweatshirt on the track and their chemistry is amazing. Tyler, The Creator - Bastard

01. Bastard
02. Seven
04. French! (ft. Hodgy Beats)
09. AssMilk (ft. Earl Sweatshirt)
10. VCR/Wheels

15. Atmosphere – God Loves Ugly

Atmosphere, argh… If you took their best songs from their albums, you would end up with one of the best albums of all time. The consistency just is not there, but at their peak, there is no denial about how great they are. Lyrically and production is top notch on the standout tracks. Very aggressive and rough. “Fuck You Lucy” has a deeper meaning and can be understood in different ways. I personally think it is a perfect break-up song, others see “Lucy” as drugs and even the devil (Lucifer). Atmosphere - God Loves Ugly

04. Fuck You Lucy
06. GodLovesUgly
15. Modern Man’s Hustle

14. Nujabes – Modal Soul

Okay, the last Nujabes album – I promise. This is the best album he made. Beautiful melodies and fitting features, it does not get better than this. Do yourself a favor and listen to this album. I will try and categorize the standout tracks: “Feather” and “Eclipse” if you are into rap in general, “Reflection Eternal” and “Flowers” if you apreciate a beautiful instrumental, “Luv (Sic pt. 3)” is the best Luv (Sic) in the series and the song that really got me hooked on Nujabes, it is almost as if the instrumental is telling a story. Nujabes - Modal Soul

01. Feather (ft. Cise Starr & Akin from CYNE)
02. Reflection Eternal
05. Luv (Sic pt. 3 ft. Shing02)
06. Eclipse (ft. Substantial)
11. Flowers

13. J Dilla – The Shining

To me, a better album than “Donuts”, even though “Donuts” has my favorite J Dilla beat of all time, “Time: The Donuts Of The Heart” which samples my favorite track by The Jackson 5 “All I Do Is Think About You”. “Donuts” is like a rough draft, where The Shining is the finished product to me. “So Far To Go” was my favorite track for a while and I have it in different versions. I am a sucker for a Isley Brothers sample. J Dilla - The Shining

02. E=MC² (ft. Common)
04. Love (ft. Pharoahe Monch)
05. Baby (ft. Madlib & Guilty Simpson)
06. So Far To Go (ft. Common & D’Angelo)
12. Won’t Do

12. Pete Rock – Soul Survivor II

Pete Rock is one of my absolute favorite producers. This is an overall great album with great features and great samples. It also features his partner in crime, CL Smooth, on 3 songs. Pete Rock only has one verse on the album and that is on “Niggas Know”. It is funny, even though Pete Rock has great features on this album, it is still a track with CL Smooth that iis my favorite. They just fit each other so well. Pete Rock - Soul Survivor II

04. Give It To Ya (ft. Little Brother)
06. It’s A Love Thing (ft. CL Smooth & Denosh)
08. Beef (ft. Krumbsnatcha)
10. Head Rush (ft. RZA & GZA)
11. Fly Till I Die (ft. Talib Kweli & CL Smooth)
13. Da Villa (ft. Slum Village)
14. Niggaz Know (ft. J Dilla)
15. Appreciate (ft. CL Smooth)

11. Jedi Mind Tricks – Visions Of Gandhi

Such an underrated group. Vinnie Paz on the mic and Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind as the producer is a force to be reckoned with. No bad songs on this album. If you are into complex beats with a lot of samples and hard hitting lyrics, then I recommend you give this album a listen. Notice the funny beat on “Blood In Blood Out”, by my experience, people love singing along to that. Jedi Mind Tricks - Visions Of Gandhi

02. Tibetan Black Magicians (ft. Canibus)
03. Blood In Blood Out
04. The Rage Of Angels (ft. Crypt The Warchild)
06. Animal Rap (ft. Kool G Rap)
07. Nada Cambia
11. Walk With Me (ft. Percee P)
12. Rise Of The Machines (ft. Ras Kass)
15. What’s Really Good (ft. Rocky Raez)

I plan on making part three next week, so stay tuned for that.