Top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums From 2000-2009 (PART 3: 1-10)

Top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums From 2000-2009 (PART 3: 1-10)

Be sure to check out PART 1 and PART 2 of my top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums from 2000-2009, that has the albums from 21 to 30. There is a chance that you will enjoy them more than my top 10!

I tend to go against the mainstream, so hopefully I can inspire you to listen to some new albums and songs, you have not come across before.

Lets finish up the list.

I have picked my standout tracks from each album and my favorite track in bold.

10. Big L – The Big Picture

Big L, the best punchline rapper to ever grace this planet. An overall great album with great features and producers. It is pretty hard to narrow it down to which tracks are standouts, considering this album is pretty good from start to finish. There is no overall theme, maybe because it was incomplete by the time Big L died or to fit his “freestyle”-theme, it feels like an album with 16 singles. Ebonics is my favorite track on the album, a very clever song lyrically where Big L explains slang words – there is remix of the song with DJ Premier providing another beat and it is just as great. Big L - The Big Picture

02. Ebonics (Criminal Slang)
03. Size ‘Em Up
04. Deadly Combination (ft. 2pac)
05. 98 Freestyle
06. Holdin’ It Down (ft. A.G., Miss Jones & Stan Spit)
08. The Enemy (ft. Fat Joe)
09. Fall Back (ft. Kool G Rap)
10. Flamboyant (Scratches by DJ Sebb)
12. Platinum Plus (ft. Big Daddy Kane)

09. GZA – Legend Of The Liquid Sword

A proper hip-hop album. GZA never disappoints with his lyrics, which might be too smart for most people to comprehend. Great production, although it is not as heavy RZA featured as previous Wu-Tang Clan projects. “Fame” is my favorite track because of the clever lyrics, where GZA use famous peoples names throughout the song, here is a snippet:
Larry’s Bird flew outta Nicolas Cage
Joe Tex messages from Satchel’s Paige
Betty Wright letters with ink from Sean’s Penn
Infinite bars, you couldn’t tell where the song end
GZA - Legend Of The Liquid Sword

02. Auto Bio
04. Silent (ft. Ghostface Killah & Streetlife)
06. Stay In Line (ft. Santi White)
07. Animal Planet
09. Legend Of The Liquid Sword (ft. Anthony Allen)
10. Fame
11. Highway Robbery (ft. Governor Two’s)
13. Sparring Minds (ft. Inspectah Deck)
15. Uncut Material

08. Jedi Mind Tricks – Violent By Design

“Blood Runs Cold” was the first Jedi Mind Tricks song I ever heard and I have been hooked ever since. It is a very “in your face” kind of album with the aggressive lyrics from Vinnie Paz. The production is honestly what makes this album, it is so complex and unique, Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind does not get enough credit as a producer. This is what I would like to call “Jedi Mind Tricks sound”. Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design

02. Retaliation
03. Contra (ft. Killa Sha)
08. I Against I (ft. Planetary)
09. Exertions (remix ft. Virtuoso, Esoteric & Bahamadia)
11. Heavenly Divine
12. Sacrifice
19. The Executioners Dream (ft. J-Treds)
20. Muerte
23. Untitled
25. Blood Runs Cold (ft. Sean Price Of Heltah Skeltah)

07. Immortal Technique – Revolutionary Vol. 2

THE best story teller in my opinion and you can see exactly why with my favorite track “You Never Know”, I will not talk too much about that song and spoil it. Just. Listen. To. It.
Other than that IT speaks about political and other major subjects on this album, a very talented thought-provoking rapper.
Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 2

02. The Point Of No Return
03. Peruvian Cocaine (ft. Pumpkinhead, Diabolic, Tonedeff, Poison Pen, Loucipher & C-Rayz Walz)
04. Harlem Streets
07. Industrial Revolution
08. Crossing The Boundary
13. The Cause Of Death
14. Freedom Of Speech
15. Leaving The Past
17. You Never Know (ft. Jean Grae)

06. Madvillain – Madvillainy

I might like what this album represents more than the actual album. I see it as a tribute to underground hip-hop, but still a very solid album, otherwise I would not have it this high up on my list!
My favorite track on this album is “Fancy Clows”, I love the sample by ZZ Hill called “That Ain’t The Way You Make Love”.
DOOM is using his alter ego “Viktor Vaughn” for the song, where he calls a girl that cheated on him…. with DOOM.
Madvillain - Madvillainy

01. Accordian
04. Bistro
05. Raid (ft. MED)
07. Sickfit (Instrumental)
09. Curls
13. Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test
14. Figaro
15. Hardcore Hustle (ft. Wildchild)
16. Strange Ways
17. Fancy Clowns (ft. Viktor Vaughn)
18. Eye (ft. Stacy Epps)
22. Rhinestone Cowboy

05. Immortal Technique – Revolutionary Vol. 1

The king of story telling is making another appearance on my top 10, he is that good. “Dance With The Devil” has inspired many of my free-writing english school assignments. I know that song by heart and without spoiling too much, it is a song about a kid getting into gangs and what comes with it. I have not met a single person that was not left shooked after listening to this song. Another album filled with thought-provoking songs. Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. 1

01. Creation & Destruction
04. The Getaway
05. Beef & Broccoli
08. The Poverty Of Philosophy
09. Revolutionary
12. Dance With The Devil / Hidden Track (ft. Diabolic)
12. The Prophecy
14. No Mercy
16. Speak Your Mind
17. Caught In A Hustle

04. Flesh-N-Bone – 5th Dog Let Loose

Flesh-N-Bone aka 5th Dog aka Stack, he was my favorite rapper for many years. The album is unfinished because Flesh went to jail for 8 years before it was released, but still a very good album. There is a mixture of holy songs and more dark songs, which I think portrayed Flesh’s mind at that time very well.
This album has a very special sound and Flesh’s rapping style might not appeal to everybody, he use many layers and raps fast.
Flesh-N-Bone - 5th Dog Let Loose

01. Last Tru Souljahs Intro/Hero (ft. Black Hole, Two Gun & E-Mortal Thugs)
02. Amen (ft. Montell Jordan)
03. Way Back (ft. Layzie Bone & Ms Chaz)
04. If You Could See (ft. Layzie Bone & Wish Bone)
06. The Master
07. Say A Little Prayer (ft. Ms. Chaz)
09. Kurupted Flesh (ft. Kurupt)
10. Deadly
11. Come Fuck With Me
12. No Other Like My Kind (ft. Ms. Chaz)
13. Silent Night (ft. B.G. Knocc Out & Damon Elliott)
Bonus unreleased/unfinished track from that album: Too Greedy

03. Jedi Mind Tricks – Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell

Another JMT album, this was really their era. This album features my favorite verse of all time. It is on “Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story” and it is by R.A. The Rugged Man. The verse is the story of R.A. The Rugged Man’s dad in the vietnam war, it is perfectly executed and brutally honest, it is simply flawless. And that is just one of the tracks on this album. I consider this album as Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind’s (the producer) best work and Vinnie Paz always deliver. Banger after banger. Jedi Mind Tricks - Servants In Heaven, Kings In Hell

02. Put Em In The Grave
03. Suicide
04. Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story (ft. R.A. The Rugged Man)
06. When All Light Dies
07. Serenity In Murder
09. Heavy Metal Kings (ft. Ill Bill)
10. Shadow Business
12. Razorblade Salvation
13. Outlive The War (ft. Sean Price & Block Mc Cloud)
14. Gutta Music (ft. Reef The Lost Cauze & Chief Kamachi)
16. Black Winter Day
18. Pretty Little Whores (ft. Outerspace)

02. Blu & Exile – Below The Heavens

Blu & Exile are a match made in heaven. This is peak of underground hip hop with jazzy beats and easy to listen to lyrics. If you are in the mood to just sit back and relax, this is the album for that. Whatever you have going on, this is the fix for it. Therapy. All tracks are standout tracks, but my favorite is “The World Is … (Below The Heavens)” where he raps about heaven. Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens

01. My World Is..
02. The Narrow Path
03. So(ul) Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)
04. Juicen’ Dranks (ft. Taraach)
05. In Remembrance Of Me
06. Blu Colla Workers
07. Dancing In The Rain
08. First Things First (ft. Miguel)
09. No Greater Love
10. Show Me The Good Life (ft. Aloe Blacc)
11. Simply Amazin’
12. Cold Hearted (ft. Miguel)
13. The World Is … (Below The Heavens)
14. You Are Now In The Clouds With … (The Koochie Monstas’ ft. Miguel)
15. I Am

01. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – BTNHResurrection

The last great album by my favorite group of all time and what an album it is. Flesh features on 14 out 15 songs (excl. the bonus track), which was very rare at that time, as he was considered “the 5th dog”. He outshines every member on this album. Flesh went to jail for 8 years after this album sadly. It is simply too hard to pick ONE favorite track, so I have decided to go with quite a few. This album was very different from BTNH’s previous albums, but it was amazing nonetheless. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - BTNHResurrection

01. Show ‘Em
02. The Righteous Ones (ft. David’s Daughters)
03. 2 Glocks
04. Battlezone
05. Ecstasy
06. Murder One
07. Souljahs Marching
08. Servin’ Tha Fiends
09. Resurrection (Paper, Paper)
10. Can’t Give It Up
11. Weed Song
12. Change The World (ft. Big B)
13. Don’t Worry
16. One Night Stand (Bonus Track / Bizzy Bone Solo)

Honorable Mentions

Nujabes – Metaphorical Music
Shin-Ski – Planetarium
J Dilla – Donuts
Akrobatik – Absolute Value

And younger me would kill me if I did not include:
Ja Rule – Pain Is Love
G-Unit – Beg For Mercy