Top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums From 2000-2009 (PART 1: 21-30)

Top 30 Hip Hop/Rap Albums From 2000-2009 (PART 1: 21-30)

My personal favorite rap albums in the period from 2000 to 2009. This is a very hard list to make. For me, the hip hop culture and music officially ended in 2000, but there is good music in all eras and the 2000’s is no different. This new era however is something I will simply label as “rap” and not “hip hop”.

Some obvious albums has been left out because I do not consider them “complete” albums. If there are too many skippable songs, then it wont make my list or at least be pretty low on the list.

I tend to go against the mainstream, so hopefully I can inspire you to listen to some new albums and songs, you have not come across before.

I have picked my standout tracks from each album and my favorite track in bold.

30. Jooks – Privilegeret

The only danish album you will ever see from me on a top albums kind of article. I am normally not a fan of danish rap, but this album stands out. Fair storytelling lyrics and decent production. Jooks - Privilegeret

01. Succes Eller Skændsel
03. Privilegeret
09. Træk Vejret
10. Det Ik’ Nok
13. Tårer På Min Kind

29. AZ – The Format

AZ peaked with his debut album “Doe or Die” and has consistently released albums since then, but nothing has come close to his debut. It does not mean all of his music since then has been trash, there is some decent tracks here and there, but considering his potential, it is kind of sad to think of him as a “one album wonder”. Anyway, here is a few songs from “The Format” that is worth keeping, with DJ Premier as the producer of the title track. Great song. az the format

01. I Am The Truth
07. Animal
10. The Format

28. Illa J – Yancey Boys

If you are not familiar with Illa J, he is indeed the brother of J Dilla. All tracks are produced by J Dilla except for “Mr. Shakes”, which is actually also the only track that I dont like on this album. Illa J - Yancey Boys

01. Timeless
09. All Good
11. Sounds Like Love (ft. Debi Nova)
12. Illasoul

27. MF DOOM – Mm.. Food

I am a huge fan of Sade, if you did not know – so is MF DOOM. It is therefore not a surprise that my favorite track on Mm.. Food is “Kon Karne” that samples the queen of jazz, R&B and soul. MF DOOM - Mm.. Food

04. One Beer
05. Deep Fried Frenz
10. Kon Karne
12. Kon Queso
13. Rapp Snitch Knishes (ft. Mr. Fantastik)
14. Vomitspit
15. Kookies

26. Jedi Mind Tricks – Legacy Of Blood

It was hard picking between “Saviorself” and “On The Eve Of War”, I guess GZA just edged it. Amazing tracks, but unlike a lot of other JMT albums, there is not the consistency that you would expect from them. But this is their era, no doubt about that. They will appear again further up the list. Jedi Mind Tricks - Legacy Of Blood

05. Saviorself (ft. Killah Priest)
06. On The Eve Of War (ft. GZA)
17. The Philosophy Of Horror
19. Before The Great Collapse

25. Tech N9ne – Absolute Power

Tech N9ne’s best years was in the 2000’s and there is definitely a few bangers on this album, but considering it is a two disc album with 27 tracks in total, there just are not enough for it to move up on my list. Tech N9ne - Absolute Power

04. Imma Tell
05. Slacker
17. Absolute Power
19. Constantly Dirty (ft. 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians)
20. I’m A Playa (ft. Krizz Kaliko)

24. 7th Sign, Bizzy Bone & T-1 – T-1 presents Hoodfellaz II

A quite rare album to get your hands on. It is pretty low quality, but at the same time, Bizzy Bone is at his peak here. When Bizzy Bone is at his peak, then he is simply the best. Hands down. All the tracks mentioned below could be in bold. 7th Sign, Bizzy Bone & T-1 - T-1 presents Hoodfellaz II

01. War Time (ft. Q-Loco & Y-Dresta)
02. Deception
05. Jazzy
08. These Are My Family (ft. Mr. Majesty)
16. Who R These People (ft. RIP)
17. Ten Commandments (ft. Mr. Majesty)
25. Seven (ft. Mr. Majesty)

23. Wu-Tang Clan – The W

Wu-Tang Clan is my second favorite group of all time, unfortunately this album is not as consistent as their previous albums. It still has a few must-have songs though.
Ever heard a rapper crying on a track? I am pretty sure that is exactly what happens on “I Can’t Go To Sleep” and with Isaac Hayes on the track, you just know that it is a masterpiece.
Wu-Tang Clan - The W

02. Careful (Click, Click)
07. Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
09. I Can’t Go To Sleep (ft. Isaac Hayes)
12. Gravel Pit

22. Nujabes – Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

Nujabes was one of those unique producers that could tell stories with his beats – he did not need rappers og singers on them. His special style of jazzy melow beats, made him very popular in the underground scene. He really was a music genius. “Another Reflection” is my standout track, but “Sky Is Falling” is equally as good when the mood is right. CL Smooth fits the beat perfectly. Nujabes - Hydeout Productions 2nd Collection

01. Voice Of Autumn
02. Sky Is Falling (ft. CL Smooth)
03. Waltz For Life Will Born (ft. Uyama Hiroto)
05. Hikari (ft. Substantial)
07. Another Reflection
10. With Rainy Eyes (ft. Emancipator)
11. Luv (Sic pt. 1 Modal Soul Remix ft. Shing02)
14. After Hanabi (Listen To My Beats)

21. Big Pun – Endangered Species

A very underrated rapper that definitely should be one of the first names on everybodys tongues when mentioning the greats. It is not quite as good as “Capital Punishment”, but it is definitely worth a listen. Big Pun - Endangered Species

07. Off The Books (ft. The Beatnuts & Cuban Link)
12. Brave In The Heart (ft. Triple Seis, Fat Joe & Prospect)
20. Fire Water (ft. Fat Joe, Armageddon & Raekwon)
23. Wishful Thinking (ft. Fat Joe, Kool G Rap & B-Real)