Tyler, The Creator – IGOR Review

Tyler, The Creator – IGOR Review

To me, Tyler, The Creator’s “Flower Boy” was album of the decade. I have been following him and OFWGKTA pretty much since their beginning – matter of fact, the “Wolf” in Wolf-Stack is from one of Tyler’s alter-egos “Wolf Haley”. I am amazed at how much he has grown over the years, he has really matured music-wise. His production is arguably the best out in the music industry right now (yes – a big claim), but if you are here for a lyrical mastermind, Tyler is not it.



Lets get into the actual review. From first listen, this is a very different sound to Flower Boy, although it does have some of the same elements.

It sounds very futuristic and it is one of those, either you are brilliant or you are trash – there is a fine line between that. Some of the tracks kind of reminds me of Jean Grae & Quelle Chris’s “Everything’s Fine” and some of the tracks has elements from Tyler’s past tracks, it is very different yet have some of that Tyler sound. With that said, not all tracks fit my taste – some of it is simply too out there.

It is a music experience that I recommend everyone to give a fair shot. Like Tyler himself said, do not skip through it, but listen from beginning to end – and pay attention to it.


The intro track, IGOR’s Theme, finishes off well, but the first minute or so did not fit my taste, it was very repetitive. It sounds like it would be perfect to start off a concert with though, Tyler might have had that in his mind when he made it.

Earfquake is a great track, I could do without Playboi Carti’s verse, it might be my favorite song on the album.

I Think has an old feel to it, yet futuristic as well, it kind of hard to explain, I really like how it evolves after the bridge and piano by the end.

Running Out Of Time a nice track, not much to say other than that.

New Magic Wand might be the worst track on the album, it is total chaos (which might be the intension), I will describe it by saying it is really annoying.

A Boy Is A Gun is a great mellow track with a great sample by Ponderosa Twins Plus One’s “Bound” – simply beautiful.

Puppet is nothing special, but it has some special moments, it really peaks when Kanye West joins Tyler on the chorus.

What’s Good I can imagine this track will be good at a concert, it reminds me of some of Tyler’s older stuff, but not really something I enjoy – the part before Part II starts is really nice though.

Gone, Gone / Thank You a good track, it gets progressively better the further you go into the track.

I Don’t Love You Anymore a breakup song, it is weirdly pleasing to listen to.

Are We Still Friends? a decent track, a fitting end, it actually sounds like an ending track (what is that weird yelling by the end lol).


01. IGOR’s Theme (ft. Lil Uzi Vert & Solange)
02. Earfquake (ft. Charlie Wilson & Playboi Carti)
03. I Think (ft. Solange)
04. Exactly What You Run From You End Up Chasing (ft. Jerrod Carmichael)
05. Running Out Of Time
06. New Magic Wand (ft. Jessy Wilson & Santigold)
07. A Boy Is A Gun
08. Puppet (ft. Kanye West)
09. What’s Good (ft. Slowthai)
10. Gone, Gone / Thank You (ft. CeeLo Green)
11. I Don’t Love You Anymore
12. Are We Still Friends? (ft. Pharrell Williams & Jack White)

Overall Thoughts

Overall, the breakup theme is heavy on this album, whether it is to an actual person, his older self or something else, I do not know. I have mixed feelings about this album.
I will say that I expected something better than this, especially after Flower Boy.

It just did not fully connect with me and I usually connect with Tyler’s music. I do not know if it was an album he just needed to release to get his feelings out, testing new waters or if there is a different idea behind it, it came sort of out of nowhere, with hardly any promotion except for the weeks leading up to the release.

What is the target audience for this album? New fans, old fans? Knowing Tyler, he might not care much, he has a vision and he follows it, and I respect that about him. I will say that the album got better the more I listened to it.

Update: I had to re-visit this review. After more listens, it has gone from a 6/10 to an 8/10. Very enjoyable.

Best Tracks

Earfquake (ft. Charlie Wilson & Playboi Carti)
A Boy Is A Gun
Puppet (ft. Kanye West) – The chorus with Kanye West is simply beautiful.

I Give This Album a